The Lure

PredaPro® is a patented trolling rig designed to rig any bait fish in just seconds with swimming action..

There is no need anymore for all the laborious, expertise and time consuming work in rigging dead bait fish properly to make it swim as natural as possible. With PredaPro® now you can rig different types of bait fish in just 5 seconds and trolling speed up to 8 knots with swimming action. Moreover the rig is almost undetectable and very natural in appearance when rigged to the bait fish which is very important when chasing very wary predatory fish. The rig comes in 2 sizes and can take various types of bait fish from 4 inches up to 8.5 inches in length which all swim with a life like swimming action.

In order to ensure excellent swiming action each and every lure is hand tuned and tested before packaging.

Advantages of Predapro®

PredaPro® lures have all the advantages of live bait and artificial lures alike.
PredaPro® rigged with bait fish:

PredaPro® design is very natural in appearance, almost undetectable when rigged to the bait fish.

PredaPro® Lure
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